Tarot Poker Quick Reference Card

A R Name Value Type Effect
0 0 Fool Null Bet Holder must fold
1 I Magician A/Trump Attack Victim trades 1 card w/ Player
2 II Priestess 2/Trump Attack Victim replaces 1 card
3 III Empress 3/Trump Action Replace 1 card
4 IV Emperor 4/Trump Action Replace 2 cards
5 V Hierophant 5/Trump Attack Victim replaces 2 cards
6 VI Lovers 6/Trump Value Wild if holding another Trump
7 VII Chariot 7/Trump Shield Player's value cards have no effect
8 VIII Strength 8/Trump Defense Attacker must replace whole hand
9 IX Hermit 9/Trump Value Wild if not holding another Trump
10 X Fortune 10/Trump Action Player replaces entire hand
11 XI Justice J/Trump Defense Attacker has attack reflected back
12 XII Hanged Man Q/Trump Bet Holder can't call/check
13 XIII Death K/Trump Attack Victim immediately folds
14 XIV Temperance Null Action Player declares all wild cards to be null
15 XV Devil Null Value Hand is a loser, no matter what
16 XVI Tower Null Shield Player can not be attacked
17 XVII Star Bug Attack Victim shows hand to Player
18 XVIII Moon Bug Bet Holder can't raise/open
19 XIX Sun Bug Shield Player's bet cards have no effect
20 XX Judgment Null Action Player replaces 1 card with choice of 2
21 XXI World Bug Attack Victim replaces all cards
NA NA Kn Cups Null Defense Attacker shows hand to Victim
NA NA Kn Swords Null Defense Attacker replaces 1 card w/ Victim's choice of 2
NA NA Kn Wands Null Defense Attacker must fold immediately
NA NA Kn Pents Null Defense Attack is nullified and no other attacks can occur

Order of Hands

Name Occurrences

5-of-a-Kind 13

Straight Flush 50

4-of-a-Kind 3900

Flush 6385

Full House 15600

Straight 31200

3-of-a-Kind 214500

Rainbow 350580

2 Pair 403260

1 Pair 3403400

High Card 3831000